Tiles are widely accepted flooring options that come with an endless number of benefits. Some of the prominent benefits of these tiles include their cost effectiveness, environment friendly nature, and water absorption capacity. With all these advantages they have successfully left behind other flooring materials in the competition of being people’s favorite.
Just like other places at your home, bathroom floor tiles are also available with a huge material option and when we talk about bathroom floor tiles the names that instantly come in our minds are ceramic, porcelain and Vinyl tiles. These are probably the most commonly used and practical option for bathroom flooring. In this blog, I will share the details of some popular bathroom flooring options to guide you to choose the best tile for your bathroom decor.

1. Ceramic and porcelain tiles

Even if your preference points out towards stone or wood lookalikes or colorful penny tiles, you are most likely to get inclined to the ceramic or porcelain tiles, once you get to know about its features. Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain but due to its hard surface it is not that comfortable to the bare feet. When it comes to the installation, it is not that easy but it can be handled by the do it yourselfers as well. Ceramic tiles are capable of resisting wear and scratches if protected with a high grade glaze.

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2. Vinyl tiles

Majority of the people rely on vinyl tiles for their bathroom flooring due to its affordability and high degree of practicality. These tiles are an appropriate option for all types of bathrooms. Apart from its aesthetic properties it also beats other popular choices for comfort, safety and durability. The specialty of this material is that it is self-adhering and can easily be cut and shaped with utility knife. Installation process is also easy with Vinyl tiles.

3. Glass tiles

Glass tiles are mainly known for its elegance. These tiles can be installed in two different ways to achieve two different looks. Filling a part of the floor with a thin layer of glass tiles creates an illusion of depth and if it is tinted then it gives a stained glass effect. They are available in a variety of colors and custom hues. If you are purchasing it for small bathroom tiles you must go for the textured glass to avoid slips. You can also go for small glass tiles with lots of grout joints that also have slip resistant capabilities. You can always enhance the look of your shower room with tiny glass tile squares.

4. Stone tiles

Gone are those days when stone tiles were only used in lobbies, today they have become a popular choice for rooms including bathrooms. These tiles are available in variety of stones such as marble, granite and slate in various colors including red, blue, green and gold. It comes with multiple textures as well. Stone tiles need frequent maintenance with regular cleaning and sealing. Moreover, they are more expensive than ceramic or porcelain tiles which have equal potentials.

5. Cork tiles

Cork flooring is gentle on your feet and warm to touch. The installation procedure is easy but you need to apply multiple coats of polyurethane to seal the flooring to prevent water from reaching the subfloor. Cork flooring is available in various color options and they are usually installed with a trowel on adhesive.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom do not forget to consider the above mentioned points before selecting the flooring material for it. When you are done with your selection, contact a reputed and experienced bathroom tile supplier to gear up for the project.


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