The Oriental white and grey Marble Mosaic-613

$22.99 CAD $16.81 CAD

Size :         12″x12″ (inches)
Price :        As per piece
Coverage: 1 Sqf / pc
Material :   Oriental white
Usage:       Wall and Floor
Color :       White, grey
Weight:      3 pound / pc

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Mixed marble, primarily white with blue tones. Giving your interior space a look that it out of this world.

Marble is a natural floor or wall surface covering that is quarried from mountains. Prized for its beauty, style, and elegance, making it an upscale, luxurious option for interiors. And typically what makes oriental white marble stand out above other marbles is that it has high brightness , hardness and almost zero water absorption rate, which prevents moisture , dirt and oil gets through. With this distinct features , this mosaic blend with top quality oriental white and grey, cut by top notch technology of water-jet , pushes the beauty to the very extreme, making your floor or wall stand out with its own personality.


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