Artistic Mosaic tile – 637

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Size:          10.8″ x 13.6 Inch – 10 mm Thick
Price:         Per Piece
Coverage: 1 sq ft / Piece
Material:    Marble
Usage:       Wall & Floor
Color:        White
Weight:      3 lb / Piece
Water Absorption: < 0.2

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The White Marble Water Droplets mosaic is tile that’s certain to start a conversation The tile’s design is as awe inspiring as its soothing. Slabs of premium marble that was cut by a state of the art water jet system are arranged in an intricate pattern that creates the an artistic interpenetration of water droplets right in front of your eyes. The design makes it the perfect way to add elegance and sophistication to walls and floors of any interior.

With its very elegant and clean look, it’s a great design for floors & walls in bathrooms and kitchens that need something to tie them together. This mosaic consisting of white interlocking slabs of marble redefines beauty, making it an excellent choice for upscale and luxurious interiors.

One of the characteristics of marble is that it’s a very porous material. A protective sealer or impregnator will repel spills and buy you time to wipe up any messes. Marble is also mostly made of calcium carbonate, which means the natural material is very sensitive to acidic products. For this reason, it’s best to use a mild, neutral pH detergent or stone soap when cleaning marble. Make sure to rinse the surface with clean, clear water, and dry it after you’ve finished cleaning.


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